Stratrai Ltd. Privacy Policy

This policy is applied to Stratrai Ltd. and its subsidiary companies, corporate websites, product websites, marketing campaigns on third party websites and analytics services globally.

Stratrai Ltd. collects, processes, and retains personal information about individuals submitted using our forms, published applications, surveys, events attendance list, subscriptions, etc.

This includes:
• The Person’s Name
• Organization/Employer
• Contact details – email and phone numbers
• Role and professional profile
• Professional subject areas of interest
• Work locations
• Colleague’s details
• Contact timings

We also collect anonymous user data automatically (using cookies and web analytics) when a user visits or or or uses our mobile applications.

We use Google analytics service for understanding the use of our website.
Details of the privacy policy of the analytics service are available at

Analytics service captures various technical data points including:
• Visitor IP address and high-level geographical region from which users access our website,
• Type of device used,
• Operating systems, browser type
• Network service provider
• Address of referring website from which you accessed our website
• Search engine terms and results
• Number of, date, and time of visit
• Information on the usage of our website such as the time spent on each page, clicks on a page, downloads, etc.

Anonymously collected usage data helps us to:
• Understand the topic of interest
• Understand market demand and trends
• Understand website usage and engagement
• Understand visitor profiles – geographical

This data is used to:
• Improve our website design and content
• Develop new product offerings and variants
• Improve our product and services
• Market our products/services better including marketing communications and search engine optimization

For more details refer to our cookie policy.

Marketing Communications: We seek clear consent from individuals regarding sending marketing communications. Individuals have right to opt-in if they wish to receive marketing updates from us. Only individuals who agree to receive such communications will receive marketing messages from us. Individuals have the right to review their consent at any time and refuse to receive marketing messages.

Individual Communications: We may directly contact individuals in case of individuals’ genuine interest. This communiqué is highly restricted and only used as a personalized medium to prevent irreversible damage to the individual. However, this does not place any obligation on us to proactively communicate to the user in any circumstances.

We store personal data on secure cloud servers and systems hosted in European Union Countries and the United Kingdom. We subscribe to cloud-based CRM systems in the UK/EU in which we may save personal data. Industry level technical solutions are implemented to protect this data. Access to personal data is highly restricted internally for approved business purposes.
Any personal data collected in paper format (surveys, business cards, etc.) is securely filed at our office located in the United Kingdom.
Personal data is retained for a period of maximum 12 months except unless required for specific legal or contractual purposes.
Access and use of personal data are monitored and audited. We have systems and processes in place to monitor use of systems containing personal data and alert of any breach or misuse of personal data.
Our incident management processes meet GDPR requirements.

Our websites use secure communication protocols. However, email communications are unencrypted.

Our website contains links to and from other websites. This privacy policy only applies to our website, &

For referred websites – we do not share any personal information. However, the referred website may have its own web analytics in place to collect visitor data. Visitors are requested to read the privacy policy/notice on the referred website. Stratrai Ltd. does not guarantee security or privacy practices of any referred website.

Stratrai Ltd. respects the right of individuals regarding their personal data. Individuals may contact us to seek details regarding their personal data only available to us, for its rectification, modification, deletion or transfer.
This term does not apply to corporate data in our systems submitted while using our services. Subscriber to our services may download the same directly using the reports or may raise a support ticket for the same.

Stratrai Ltd. reserves the right to review and amend this policy at any time. The latest updated version of the privacy policy will be available on our websites and referred to from all data collection sources.

Stratrai Ltd. will not send a communication on updates to this policy separately.

Data Protection Officer Contact:

Published on: 15-Apr-2018
Next Review Date – 14-Apr-2019 or earlier
Published By- Neha Sehgal (Director – Stratrai Ltd.)
Place – London, United Kingdom